You won’t believe how many times I’ve heard from my friends that you finally want to do more sports, make your diet healthier to feel better, and – in my opinion this is probably the main reason for most – get rid of the excess kilos. Said done.

In no time at all, the next “miracle diet” recommended by Dr. XY on TV is started and you go to the gym at least 3 days a week. Wow, sounds hard to impress! But if you ask the same person 4 weeks later (mind you: I only speak from experience!), the diet was “not so right”, for sports “no time left” besides the job and “unfortunately you fell back into the old habits”.

The result: Our habits and comfort is hard to overcome and without a certain measure of motivation, one has lost the fight actually already before it has begun and one can save the (from this example) first 4 weeks also immediately.

Let me say one thing in advance: Who really wants to lose weight permanently and wants to achieve a so-called “dream body”, yes, actually everyone who wants to achieve a goal, which is worth owning and special, can only achieve this with permanent motivation and long-term goals!

Sport inspires and is always a big topic. It is not primarily about the really great successes. Of course, a healthy ambition is welcome and very useful. However, it should be noted that physical activity generally has many advantages.

Use this meaningful leisure activity which makes you fit and brings you together with other sports enthusiasts. There are many exciting franchise ideas on this subject that may also arouse your interest. Take a look around and discover something new.

With the right instructions, your sporting performance can be topped once again. Equally important is good technical equipment, the right location and stamina. This can be stimulated with a skilful motivation. Just think of bonus programs or successful cooperation with other providers. Thus completely new possibilities arise and you profit from still more kinds of sport or small sporty competitions.